You have reached an international trading house, manufacturer and supplier of steel, synthetic and macro fibers for concrete reinforcement. We have been in the business of fiber reinforced concrete for more than 15 years and supply our clients with fibers of different types, lengths, tensile strengths and for a variety of engineering applications.

Our engineers are capable of providing fiber reinforced floor slab and concrete construction designs which are in accordance with Technical Report 34 of Concrete Society.

We strive to provide excellent service to our clients worldwide. Our core markets include the Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia, but other locations are also within our reach.
Baltic Steel Fiber Ltd
Reg. No. 11111926
VAT No. EE100958696

Head Office:
Mustamäe tee 44, TALLINN
10621 ESTONIA 
Phone: +372 6671 850
Fax: +372 6671 851
E-mail: sales[at]

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